Lessons in ODA Theory and Practice
by Ed L. Santoalla, Earl G. Parreño, Eddie Ll. Quitoriano
HC_460.E44 / 2001
275 pages

  Food Security Food Security and markets in Indonesia :
State-Private Sector Interaction in Rice Trade

by Bustanul Arifin, Achmad Munir, Enny Sri Hartati, Didik J. Rachbini
HD_9066.I5_F6 / 2001
112 pages
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  State Intervention

State Intervention and Private Sector Participation
in Philippine Rice Marketing

by Charmaine G. Ramos
HD_9066.P6_R35 / 2000
94 pages
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  The Impact The Impact of Agrarian Reform and Changing Market on Rural Households
MODE Research Papers Vol. 1 No. 4
by Ricardo B. Reyes, Dr. Jeffrey M. Riedinger and Seonjou Kang
ISSN 0118-6914 / MMRP_V1_N4_2000
74 pages
  Agrarian Agrarian Reform in Commercial Farms:
Designing an Appropriate Institutional Response

MODE Research Papers Vol. 1 No. 3
by Joel I. Rodriguez
ISSN 0118-6914 / MMRP_V1_N3_2000
40 pages
  Agrarian 2 Agrarian Struggles and Institutional Change
The MAPALAD Struggle for Land

MODE Research Papers Vol. 1 No. 2
by Eddie L. Quitoriano
ISSN 0118-6914 / MMRP_V1_N2_2000
48 pages [download pdf]
  Vulnerable Sectors Vulnerable Sectors and Complex Situations:
Four Case Studies on Food Security

MODE Research Papers Vol. 1 No. 1
by Eddie L. Quitoriano
ISSN 0118-6914 / MMRP_V1_N1_2000
42 pages

Engaging ODA: Lessons in Civil Society Participation 
by Leonora S. Garcia, Janette Abing-Taga-an, Jermaine Baltazar G. Bayas,
Nikki Philline C. De La Rosa, Maisie Faith J. Dagapioso, Joven Descanzo, George Evangelista
ISBN 971-93258-4-4,  330 pages
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  State Intervention State Intervention in the Rice Sector in Selected Countries, 
Implications for the Philippines

by Rice Watch and Action Network
  Touching Lives Touching Lives, Celebrating 40 Years
Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation
  Fair Trade Fair Trade and Food Security 
Framework and Policy Architecture

by Erle Frayne D. Argonza
  Eastern Seaboard The Eastern Seabord Value Chain:
Opportunities for Enhancing Competitiveness 
by Eddie L. Quitoriano and Ray P. Abanil